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Sept 9, 2024

Classes with Kathryn

As far back as I remember I’ve been embarrassed by my excessive body hair. When I reached puberty, I became even more self-conscience as the hair growth increased on my face and body. I tried many types of temporary methods to no satisfaction.

In my late teens I finally decided to have a consultation for electrolysis and decided to give electrolysis a try.  I quickly realized that electrolysis was the only solution for me. As the treatments progressed I not only got rid of my unwanted hair permanently, but I also noticed an increase in my self-confidence. It was an easy decision to continue with electrolysis and have one area of my body cleared after another. I’m a satisfied electrolysis client and proud to be an example and be able to share with others that electrolysis really works! I was so pleased by the results that I wanted to pursue a career in electrolysis.

I graduated from the Kree Institute of Electrolysis in New York City. After returning home to Ottawa I was employed as an electrologist, but I couldn’t continue to work under the poor conditions and with the antiquated equipment.

I decided to open my own electrolysis clinic, where I had the liberty to operate in a professional manner and work with state of the art technology. I opened Kathryn’s Electrolysis Ltd. and over several years expanded to become the largest electrolysis clinic in Ottawa. In 1999 I graduated as a laser technician. Although I worked for a few years part time as a laser technician, I continued to operate my electrolysis business; I no longer provide laser hair removal services given the superior results of electrolysis.

In 2002, I sold Kathryn’s Electrolysis and moved to Kingston, ON, where I established Caress Electrolysis.  When I returned to Ottawa in 2006, I reopened Caress. I am pleased to say that within a few years Caress Electrolysis Ltd. is now the leading electrolysis clinic in Ottawa.

I continually update my education to stay fresh and current with new advances and technology. In 2011, I graduated in the practice of thermo coagulation and expanded our services at Caress to include the treatment of skin anomalies, such as skin tags, cherry angiomas, facial capillaries, keratoses, milia, and angiokeratomas.

I am professional and discreet. Clients describe me as being friendly, trustworthy, calm and I have been told that I have caring hands.  I believe I can relate with clients as I have experienced the burden of excessive hair. I am so delighted to have found such a rewarding career, one in which I am so passionate.  Every day I look forward to assisting clients to restore their beauty and helping to improve their self-confidence. I welcome the opportunity to help you do the same!

  • Kathryn

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