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Sept 16, 2024

Classes with Verna

Let me tell you a little about me!

I received my training in 1986 by Evelyn Swanson. Upgraded the blend course in 1990 through Phyllis Tourond. I was self employed working from home while raising our family. The passed several years I have trained students by chairside training. I also was the membership chairperson for Cope National.

Since July 2019 I retired along side my husband Herb. However, I’ve still trained students as a mobile instructor travelling to their location. I also maintain a few clients when I’m back home which allows me to keep up with my skills. When I retired I purchased the HD OpitVizion visual aid, which myself and daughter enjoy working with. I also bring it along to introduce other visual options for students. Training students has been a joy to me as I see them build a successful business. Every student provides new challenges which makes training that much more interesting. Getting to know them, there families, and the passion they develop along the way is what inspires me to continue training. I look forward to meeting you and showing you how fulfilling electrolysis can be!

~ Verna

Contact Karen to register or for further details and questions.

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