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Electrolysis Training

Make Your Own Hours

You deserve to spend time with your loved ones. Electrolysis can provide you with the ability to choose when you want to work vs when you want to be with family & friends. 

A Successful Career Depends on Proper Training. We Lay the Proper Foundation You Need For a Long Lasting Career

You deserve a thorough electrolysis course that will have you feeling prepared for a successful career as a leader in the electrolysis industry.

Become a Certified Electrologist

​Students who complete our training program will receive a certificate & earn the designation C.E. (Certified Electrologist).

Help People Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

Electrolysis is the only form of hair removal that is recognized as permanent by the F.D.A.

Earn a Great Income

Cost of living is ever increasing and though we realize that income isn't everything, it is a very important factor in our day to day lives.

Why Choose

Swanson's Canadian Institute of Electrolysis

Start Now



We have multiple instructors across Canada and are always working to add more options for our students.


Swanson's C.E. (Certified Electrologist) designation says you've been properly trained by an industry expert with 320 hours of in-depth training (120 theory & 200 practical).






Our instructors are experts in their field with years of experience to provide you with the best instruction.


Small class sizes mean more individualized instruction for each student.



Our Goal

To equip you to become ​a successful certified electrologist. We are here for you long after you complete our course to ensure that you build yourself a successful business or go on to find a successful career in electrolysis.

Chilliwack, BC

"I chose Swanson's because of their 320 hour program. 200 hours of practical training was necessary in order for me to feel confident that I could be an effective electrologist. Your instructor prepares you & ensures that you feel confident in your skills as you practice to become a Certified Electrologist."

Okotoks, AB

"Taking Swanson's program really made me feel comfortable going forward with a career in electrolysis. After the course I felt capable to perform electrolysis competently in my own practice. The hands on experience was great & my instructor did an amazing job making sure that we had every opportunity to practice on many different areas & understand the treatment process fully" ​

Cochrane, AB


"I did my training with Swanson's in 2009 after seeing an electrologist myself. I had such great results that I quickly became interested in pursuing electrolysis as my profession. The information that Swanson's provided was extremely helpful and informative which made the whole process very easy. I have now been running my own home based business for 14 years (after working as an employee first) & I absolutely love it! Taking this course has changed my life. I was able to stay home with my kids, make my own hours, and make great money as well. I am now a Certified Practical Instructor for Swanson's. Being an instructor has been very rewarding for me as I get to see my students flourish after their 200 hours with me. I love watching them gain confidence and start their own successful businesses."

Hear from our students...

Edmonton, AB

"This is THE electrolysis training to take if you want the right mix of fundamental theory & practical experience. The structure of the practical training was key in preparing me for the various scenarios that I would face. My instructor was amazing & I highly recommend Swanson's program."

Spruce Grove, AB

"The course I completed with Swanson's Institute was exactly what I needed to start my business as a Certified Electrologist. The information in the course was concise. The support & instruction in regards to any questions as you go was professional, timely and kind. All you could ask for in a program like this and the added benefit of being able to do the course at your own planed pace. Definitely a great experience and would recommend it!"

Kamloops, BC

“I completed the Electrolysis program in the summer of 2023 and am on the road to electrolysis becoming my full time career! Karen from Swanson’s Canadian Institute of Electrolysis made it so easy from the beginning of the program right to the end. Karen paired me with an instructor who was able to come to my location to train me and who demonstrated a high level of expertise which blew my expectations out of the water. I am so excited to take on my new career and have more flexibility in my life! Becoming a Certified Electrologist has been so rewarding and I am so thankful that I am able to change people’s lives at every treatment."

The Program

1. Find an instructor/location & start date that suits your needs


2. Study the theory portion in the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule


3. Practical portion - on site with an instructor


We don't cut corners
Quicker isn't better

We often get asked why our program is longer than others. The simple answer is that we want you to have a lasting, successful career & in our over 50 years of being in this business, we've seen that people are not truly ready in less hours than the 200 practical that we provide. You deserve to have all of the training & skills to be an effective electrologist who has good client retention & obtains word of mouth referrals because of your good quality treatments.

About Us

Swanson's Canadian Institute of Electrolysis was founded in 1972. We are a family run business. Our goal is to be the gold standard in electrolysis training & show value in proper training. We have seen the impact that removing hair permanently has on so many peoples lives. This career offers a great reward that is felt from helping people who no longer have to regularly wax, sugar, tweeze, thread, pluck, etc. or worry about unwanted hair any longer. People have many different reasons for wanting their hair removed. We find this career to be one of the most rewarding that you could find. Electrologist often discuss how lucky we are to be in this business.

Swanson's owners are proudly members of:


The Society for Clinical and Medical Hair Removal, Inc. (SCHMR)


Canadian Organization of Professional Electrologists


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